Environmental Technologies, LLC (ET) is a Phoenix, Arizona based original equipment manufacturer specializing in the design and fabrication of next generation water and wastewater treatment systems. Our primary product lines utilize ultraviolet (UV) light for the disinfection and removal of carcinogenic contaminants from drinking water, municipal wastewater, and industrial waste streams. We integrate state of the art technologies to provide highly efficient, cost effective solutions for the most challenging water and wastewater applications. 

There is no singular treatment solution or process that will effectively treat any water supply or contaminant that may be present, making it difficult to truly standardize equipment. We offer pilot level testing to finalize the most efficient, cost effective process designs configured to meet site specific treatment needs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) systems based on NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ ReFleX™ UV chamber technology
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) generated by various combinations of ultraviolet, ozone, peroxide, sulfate, and Fenton based reactions
  • Membrane Filtration Systems featuring Toray spiral and hollow fiber membranes
  • Ozone Generators utilizing Plasma Technics air or water cooled Plasma Blo3ck® line of ozone-generating products
  • Protein Matrix, an amino acid based FOG and Odor Control product for use in grease interceptors, lift stations, direct feed into gravity lines, and process support of wastewater nutrient removal, filtration, and UV disinfection.