Bench Testing

The performance of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) and other advanced treatment techniques are heavily dependent on the water quality matrix of the location they will be deployed. These processes are designed based on the type and concentration of the target contaminate. A field pilot test of any AOP application should always be performed to confirm the proposed design approach and verify its effectiveness. The first step in determining the feasibility of an alternative process is simple laboratory bench scale test to determine if a treatment technique can achieve an acceptable removal efficiency rate of the target contaminant.

We offer bench scale testing free of charge to owners and engineering consultants. The general guidelines for bench testing are:

  • Contact us to discuss the nature and treatment needs of your project
  • Complete and submit a project questionnaire form.
  • The design / selection process for a specific project should be planned to commence within the upcoming year.
  • Ship us a 55-gallon drum of source water, along with a complete laboratory analysis 

After reviewing the information provided, we will develop a treatment and test plan for your review and approval. After the test plan and procedures are approved:

  • We will perform the agreed upon test plan at no cost
  • The results will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. The Customer will be responsible for the cost of outside laboratory fees as agreed.
  • We will assemble a confidential summary report for your use.