Do you need to:

  • Replace outdated, high-maintenance process equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturer?
  • Upgrade process equipment or systems to meet agency regulatory requirements?
  • Replace process equipment or systems that is inefficient and/or is very expensive to operate?
  • Provide additional treatment capacity or process flexibility?
  • Install new process systems to capture, treat, and recycle / reuse waste discharges or create new revenue streams by reclaiming products of value that are currently being discharged to the sewer?

The capital costs associated with replacing and upgrading primary unit processes is an expensive endeavor and requires a major outlay of cash that may not be readily available. If you are a municipality / public agency, private utility provider, or corporate entity we may be able to help with a variety of alternative financing options. Depending on your needs and application, we can offer funding programs for single standalone UV units to complete project delivery to include engineering design and permitting through facility construction utilizing local firms and resources. Examples of the many funding options include:

  • Short term lease purchase agreements with monthly installment payments (financing generally for less than 3 years).
  • Long term operating leases with all scheduled equipment maintenance provided for the duration of the lease (typically for 10 years, depending on state regulations).
  • Agreements with payments based on the volume treated monthly with a minimum base payment (primarily for well-established industrial customers).
  • Project level financing that may include engineering design and permitting services, any additional equipment or process control components necessary to support the operation of the proposed treatment system, such as chemical feed and/or membrane filtration technologies, installation, performance testing, and commissioning.

NeoTech Aqua’s UV technology uses as little as 1/10 of the power required to operate competing UV designs. The direct electrical savings combined with the reduced costs of lamp replacement and maintenance can typically provide the majority of a monthly lease payment. Please contact us to discuss ways we may be able to accelerate the delivery of your project.