UV Solutions

Environmental Technologies is proud to offer NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ product line of ultraviolet light (UV) systems.  NeoTech Aqua Solutions is the global leader in environmentally friendly UV technology for both disinfection and TOC-reduction applications, NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ patented ReFleX™ UV chamber technology represents the state-of-the-art in high-efficiency UV systems by reflecting over 99% of the UV light generated back into the chamber. By comparison, UV systems using stainless steel or aluminum typically reflect approximately 20% of the UV before being absorbed by the chamber wall. 

The inherent efficiency of ReFleX technology provides the unique advantage of NeoTech’s 100% Dosage Assurance. Every UV photon generated by a lamp is continuously reflected until it is absorbed by a particle or microorganism passing through the treatment chamber. Thus, the ReFleX™ chamber ensures a uniform applied dosage throughout the UV chamber as the reflected light photons are traveling at every conceivable approach angle.

The ability to continually utilize all of the UV light produced inside the chamber allows systems to be smaller, use fewer bulbs, and therefore contain less mercury. The NeoTech UV units operate using one to eight high-output, low-pressure amalgam bulbs supplied by single-phase power. NeoTech’s operating costs are significantly less than the competition by reduced power consumption, maintenance labor, lamp replacement and the associated hazardous waste disposal costs.

Fewer lamps generate less heat, which is a major cause of precipitation fouling of quartz sleeves. The NeoTech design is so unique in this regard that the lamps can operate in a no-flow condition for over an hour without adversely affecting the life of the lamps. This special advantage provide customers a fully-rated lamp life even if the system must shut-down periodically.